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Snowmobile Riding Experience

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    Drive your own snowmobile in spectacular snowy mountain scenery! On this experience, you'll drive a snowmobile through a snowy mountain under the watchful eye of an instructor. This experience is perhaps a more thrilling version of the sledding that you might have done as a child. First you'll practice on flat land under the instructor's guidance, and then you'll get the chance to drive through curved roads and slopes. Please note that this experience will be led in Japanese language with limited to no English guidance available. Please contact us if you would like to hire an interpreter for a separate fee. ①Learn how to safely operate a snowmobile ②Practice driving the snowmobile after the instructor turns on the engine ③Drive your snowmobile through the curved slopes of the snowy mountain

    • Days of Week


    • Duration

      1 hours

    • Adult

      JPY 6,000

    • Child (ages 9-12)

      JPY 4,000


    • Highlight #1

      This is a thrilling and unique winter experience!

    • Highlight #2

      Feel the exhilaration and freedom of driving a snowmobile across a snowy mountain.

    • Highlight #3

      You're bound to have a bunch of fun!


    • Schedule

    • Pickup / Checkin

    • Dropoff / Checkout

      • Driving lecture

        10 minutes

      • Riding the snow course

        10 minutes / person

    • Checkin Times / Locations

      • 10:00

        Washikura Onsen

        *Please meet at Washikura Onsen 10 minutes before the starting time

    • Checkout Times / Locations

      • 11:00

        Washikura Onsen

        *Please meet at Washikura Onsen 10 minutes before the starting time

    Plan Information

    • What's Included

      • Snowmobile, helmet
      • Experience fee
      • Lecture
    • Restrictions

      • If participating individually, each tour will have between 3-5 people
      • For groups, each tour can have between 6-10 people
    • Additional Info

      • *Rentable items and prices Winter jacket: 1,000 JPY Winter pants: 1,000 JPY Snow boots: 1,500 JPY (Long boots not permitted) Snow gloves: 500 JPY Knitted hat: 500 JPY Goggles: 500 JPY Neck warmer: 500 JPY
    • Cancellation Policies


      3 days before to 17:00


      2 days before to 17:00


      1 day before to 17:00

      After 17:00, 1 day before


      Participation Date

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