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Ouchijuku Time Slip & Soba Making Experience

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    Note: This tour is currently unavailable. Tour reservations are scheduled to resume around April. Thank you for your understanding. On this tour, you’ll get to stroll the quaint streets of this former post town, which is incredibly well preserved from its heyday during the Edo period, while learning about its history from a guide. At the rows of souvenir stores, you can browse local goods while sampling pickled foods and sake. For lunch, you’ll make your own soba noodles from scratch, which you’ll be able to eat alongside the famous Ouchijuku specialty of “negisoba.” Afterwards, you'll get a panoramic view of the townscape and check out a museum where you'll learn about the locals' fascinating way of life during the Edo period from the guide. Soba is a beloved Japanese dish that few know how to make. Take the opportunity to master it!

    • Days of Week

    • Duration

      1.8 hours


    • Highlight #1

      Travel back in time, 300 years, to the post town of Ouchi-juku for a traditional cooking experience to learn how to make Fukushima Prefecture's famous soba (buckwheat) noodles from scratch!


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        shoku-no-yakata Soba Dojo

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        Shokukan Soba Dojo Soba making experience

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        Shokukan Soba Dojo Soba Lunch

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        After dismissal, please take a walk around Ouchi-juku. Enjoy a panoramic view of Ouchi-juku from the hill Experience the life of the common people in the old days at the Machinami Exhibition Hall. etc.

    Plan Information

    • What's Included

      • Soba noodle making
      • Soba lunch
      • Entrance fee to the cityscape exhibition hall
    • Requirements

      • Please apply from 2 people.
    • Restrictions

      • Up to 10 people.
    • Cancellation Policies


      1 day before to 17:00

      After 17:00, 1 day before


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