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Ouchi-juku Kimono Tour

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    On this tour, you’ll dress in a traditional kimono and stroll the quaint streets of Ouchi-juku, a former post town, which is incredibly well preserved from its heyday during the Edo period. At the rows of souvenir stores, you can browse local goods while sampling pickled foods and local sake. You’ll get to take stunning panoramic pictures from the Ouchijuku viewpoint and relax with some warm tea and Japanese sweets at a traditional teahouse! Visit the townscape exhibition hall, where you can experience what life was like back during the Edo period. If you adore magnificent, historical scenery and nature, then this is the tour for you! Please note that this experience will be led in Japanese language with limited to no English guidance available. Please contact us if you would like to hire an interpreter. More information about the Ouchi-juku Kimono Experience: Information about access to Ouchijuku:

    • Days of Week


    • Duration

      2.5 hours

    • Adult

      JPY 9,000


    • Highlight #1

      Travel back to the Edo period! Stroll through the 300-year-old traditional townscape of Ouchijuku with a guide while dressed in a gorgeous kimono.

    • Highlight #2

      Relax while sipping matcha (Japanese green tea) and yokan (a traditional sweet jelly), at traditional tea house Chaya Ishiharaya (included in the price)

    • Highlight #3

      Learn about life in Ouchi-juku way back then at the townscape exhibition hall (entrance fee included in the price)


    • Schedule

    • Pickup / Checkin

    • Dropoff / Checkout

      • 9:30

        Reception and gathering

        A Japanese kimono specialist will be waiting for you at the Ouchi-juku parking lot.

      • 9:30 - 9:40

        Go back to Nature Center

        On foot

      • 9:40 - 10:00

        Kimono Fitting

        The fun begins now! Choose your kimono, obi (cloth belt), hair accessories and traditional Japanese bag. There are male and female kimono models to choose from!

      • 10:00 - 12:00

        Take a walk

        You’ll have two hours to stroll Ouchi-juku freely while dressed in a kimono. We recommend going all the way to the shrine with an incredible view over Ouchi-juku—it's a perfect photo spot! Enjoy a cup of matcha and yokan (Japanese sweet jelly) at a traditional tea house called Chaya Ishiharaya (茶屋 石原屋) (included in the price of the tour). Entrance to the townscape exhibition hall (大内宿町並み展示館) is also included. Here, you’ll learn more about what life was like centuries ago in this former post town!

      • 12:00

        ・Change of clothes

        At 12:00, it’s time to change back into your normal clothes, but you can continue to enjoy your afternoon in Ouchi-juku. The tour ends just in time for lunch: we recommend trying the Ouchijuku special negisoba buckwheat noodles eaten with a long green onion.

    Plan Information

    • What's Included

      • Dressing experience
      • Kimono specialist (Japanese-speaking)
      • Matcha and yokan at the teahouse Ishiharaya
      • Entrance fee to the cityscape exhibition hall
    • Restrictions

      • Up to 8 people.
    • Cancellation Policies


      1 day before to 17:00

      After 17:00, 1 day before


      Participation Date

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